I’m looking for trouble

The ease with wich the cause of the nuisance at the Bevrijdingsplein (the square of liberation) in Ede was defined was remarkable to me. A municipal worker declared that the nuisance they had to deal with in the city centre was being caused by youngsters. This surpised me – doesn’t a social problem derive from interaction? I started wondering wether a governmental institution such as the municiality of Ede was unprejudiced. It seemed the definition of the problem was based on the IMAGE that these youngsters seemed to radiate to the other people. These youngsters, nevertheless, might have a different self-image, but the municipality did not have interest for what this might be. Hence, I thought it interesting to research how minucipal workers from different departments were approaching this problem. I invited several municipal workers to visualize the problem, to be able to make to gain insight about these assumtions.    I asked them to photograph the prolem at the Bevrijdingsplein.